Boo, the tiny dog, is a rather noisy, sassy little pumpkin which has a say on just about everything. Leslie Bird, Boo’s foster mom, got him when a friend reached out and told her about a special puppy who unfortunately has a cleft palate and that the original owner would like Leslie to take care of it. Puppies with cleft palates need special care and attention. Boo’s owner wanted him to survive, his best chance was with Leslie.

Boo had aspiration pneumonia and was struggling to breathe, so Leslie got him to the hospital where he stayed for five days. After going home, Boo was doing well. He is a bit small and thin but did eventually get bigger, stronger, and started eating more.


It was then that his bright, “party-starter” personality broke through, much to Leslie’s surprise! He was a little fireball with an attitude. He would bark at the bigger dogs like “Hey, I’m the boss!”. “He’s like a Tater Tot,” laughs Leslie. “Then, all of a sudden, you get this, flaming hot, spicy tater tot.”

He may be a cleft, but clearly, Boo is far from being timid and down. He loves to show everyone who’s the boss. Funnily, he talks all he wants, when he wants, and you better listen because he won’t stop until you do. Much to his foster mom’s delight, Boo would always have a say on just about anything.

Po came to their lives when a vet got in touch with Leslie to get another cleft palate puppy. At first, Boo didn’t seem too happy to share his room. Leslie got an earful from the sassy puppy who did eventually give in. It was then that another sassy puppy emerged. Po is like Boo’s trainee.

Whatever Boo does, Po will excitedly imitate. Suddenly, Leslie had her hands full with two spicy tater tots. Days sure are brighter and louder with these two pups with an attitude.

Images courtesy of The Dodo Little But Fierce



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