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Mobile applications are now used to connect with people. The most common application today is Facebook, where people share stories, post photos, and exchange messages.

As the world increasingly goes online and people heavily rely on social media for their source of news, more and more applications are developed for the sole purpose of connecting.


Of course, many pet lovers take this convenient way of relating to people to advance their goal to look for some adopters to rescued and neglected pets, particularly dogs.

A software developer made this Tinder-like application where a user can quickly search for dogs up for adoption. Known as GetPet, the application has first been tried in Lithuania last October 19, 2018.

Seven volunteers of the “Hack4Vilnius” Vilnius City Hackathon were the people behind this innovation. Asta Zaiceva Stalmakova, one of the volunteers, underscored the importance of the new application.

She said that based on her experience in helping pooch to find a forever home, the online world has been very accommodating in making this dream a reality. This is the reason why she and other volunteers tried to come up with this application.

She shared that it was not easy to make such innovation, but since there are people who believe in the cause, the work became more bearable for the team.

The only drive for the team is their love for rescued dogs. Their idea, however, did not fall on deaf ears as many users are already using the application. On January 17, 2019, the group tallied 5,000 people to have downloaded the GetPet app.

Around the same time, several dogs were adopted by dog-loving citizens in the region.

The application has features which include the photos and identity of the dogs for adoption. There are also some catch phrases to make the app more personal and enticing to use.

The app likewise shares tips on how to rare a rescued dog and some useful information that could benefit prospective adopter.

Credits to Get Pet



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