If you’re a fan of ridiculous stunt shows, you’ve probably heard of the name Steve-O. He’s a stunt man and a celebrity who has built quite a name for himself for his antics. This featured story is not directly about him. However, it’s a story about his service dog that contributed to his amazing transformation.

Steve-O’s doctor recommended him to get a service dog. However, every dog he has owned so far were far from perfect. On one occasion, during his trip to Peru, he found a street dog which he named Wendy. Right off the bat, he knew that Wendy could be a great candidate for a service dog.


Unlike his other dogs, Wendy is super friendly and docile. Steve-O decided to adopt her and bring her back to America to train as a service dog. To complete Wendy’s training, Steve-O brought in an expert.

Josep Senante from Advance Canine Systems helped Steve-O train Wendy along with another problematic dog named Walter. With their joint effort, not only did they succeed with Wendy, but they also tamed the very aggressive Walter.

Steve-O being a celebrity means he travels a lot. Every time he does, Wendy is with him. She never leaves his side. He even has a GPS tracker on her. That’s how much Steve-O wants Wendy around.

Wendy is well behaved wherever she is. Kids can come up to her. She’s never misbehaved in an airport or in a hotel room. Because of this, Steve-O realized that Wendy should be doing more meaningful work. That’s why Wendy became a therapy dog too.

Wendy goes to children’s hospital riding a tiny car while interacting with patients. Aside from traveling to different great locations, Wendy got the chance to take pictures with several celebrities as well.

Steve-O and Wendy have been to four different countries and 21 different states together. They are truly inseparable. Watch the entire video told by Steve-O below.

Video courtesy of Steve-o’s YouTube channel.



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