What we love most about dogs are their bubbly personalities and hilarious shenanigans. But if you think a big dog is already funny, then be prepared to howl in laughter at the adorable silliness of puppies!

Ramsey is one of those pups who are easily one of the cutest around the neighborhood. He lives with his fur mom, Kayla, and her family. Like most puppies, this baby Husky wastes no time in winning his family’s hearts with his chubby face and goofy antics.


Kayla is one of those owners who love boasting their furry pooches to the world. She enjoys posting silly pictures and videos of Ramsey’s growing years on Instagram and YouTube. But among the pretty photos and clips of the pooch (most of which were taken at the beach), one video stands out in particular.

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It was recorded during Ramsey’s early weeks in the house. Kayla was holding the adorable pup in her arms as he attempts to let out a “bark.” But what was supposed to be a fierce growl only came out as funny sounds, as if the pup was trying to mimic human words!

Naturally, Ramsey’s efforts to talk was the funniest thing Kayla had ever heard. She couldn’t hold back her laughter anymore and kept throwing her head back. Ramsey was not fazed at all, though. He was still trying to communicate with his mom through his incomprehensible baby talk.

The family’s other canine was dumbfounded at the little dog’s weird noises that he barked at the pup, as though trying to teach him the right way to do it. But little Ramsey just wouldn’t give up and continued his silly chatter throughout the clip.

Everybody was so in love with the video that it reached more than 15 million views on Youtube! It wasn’t a surprise, though. Who wouldn’t adore this cutie?

Just watch his adorable babble here.

Courtesy of Kayla Gay



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