There is a popular saying that you unconsciously become who you associate yourself with. That was exactly what happened to this adorable rescue pooch, who everyone believed was raised by cats! This rescue dog’s cat behavior has gone viral.

Mako, the adorable pit bull in question, was rescued and brought to a local shelter a little while back. He was just like any other rescue pooches the shelter staff had taken care of, but there was a specific thing about him that they found weird.


You see, instead of growling at cats and treating them as enemies, Mako was very loving towards the felines and even copied every single thing they do. That being the case when Bethany Castiller’s family went looking for a dog who would get along with their two cats, the staff assured them that Mako was the best pick.

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Bethany and her family decided to meet the pooch, and the moment they saw him, they immediately knew he belonged to them. So after signing some paperwork, the family finally brought home the pit bull and introduced him to Gizmo and Pecan.

That was when they realized that the pooch did not only like cats, but he also idolized them, too! Whenever Bethany would check on Mako and the family’s cats in the kitchen, she would often find the pup on top of something, chilling out with Gizmo and Pecan.

Sometimes, it was the fridge or the kitchen table, but more often than not, Bethany would see him hanging out on the counters, just like his cat brothers. If they were not in the kitchen, the trio would be seen by the window birdwatching.

Mako’s hilarious demeanor amused Bethany so much that she decided to collect short clips of the pooch doing cat things. She then posted the video on TikTok, where it now boasts of over 12.9 million views! Watch adorable Mako’s cat-like behavior here.

Courtesy of mako_thecatdog



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