They say, when you genuinely want to learn something, you have to practice it. This belief is what our featured dog will show us today. No one expects a dog to learn how to ride a bike. However, through the efforts and the patience of its owner, our little pup finally learned how to ride and be an expert in biking.

Our featured dog, today, shows us that whatever things that we want our dogs to learn is possible as long as we are there to support and guide them. There is no such thing as a complicated task if we are at their back and cheers them to continue learning.


Watch the video below.

The more our dogs get exposed to the human world, the more they learn about us and the way we live our lives. Also, their intelligence makes it so easy for them to understand our world and enjoy it the way we do.

Our dogs are capable of doing things. It only takes proper training and continuous effort and patience from our end to keep them going and for them to always have the interest. Aside from the learning that the dogs get from these pieces of training, activities such as this allow them to bond with us. It is also important to mention the trust the dog has for its owner. The dog in the video puts its faith to the lady as he rides the bike without even showing any signs of doubt that he might fall and get hurt.

Our thoughts

Everything is possible if one has the determination to learn as well as a reliable support system. Dogs treat us as their family, and we should start to treat them more than our pets and give them the proper treatment of a real family.

Source: YouTube via Norman Dog



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