It’s heartbreaking that humans get incredibly creative when it comes to getting rid of unwanted pets. They leave them in dumpsites, landfills, by the side of the road, in empty houses, and under the bridge.

No reason is acceptable for abandoning or neglecting an animal. They deserve to be treated right. And they deserve to be in a loving home.


Take Bailey her, for instance. She didn’t have a very good start in life. But fortunately, she found someone who now showers her with so much love.

When Dallas DogRRR received a call about a potentially abandoned dog, they wasted no time. Immediately, they sent rescuers to see what was going on. And when they arrived at the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, they confirmed the anonymous report.

There, the rescuers found Bailey. There’s no saying how long the poor dog has been in that place. But it’s clear that she isn’t in a very good situation.

Bailey had no shade from the heat of the sun. She didn’t have access to food or water. And the noise from speeding vehicles left her awfully terrified.

When rescuers tried approaching her, Bailey ran away from them. She didn’t know whether she could trust them or not. She barked and snarled at them.

Bailey acted aggressively because she’s terrified. Her rescuers remained patient and calm, and they gave her time to trust her. Eventually, she calmed down and let her newfound friend take her to the car.

A couple of days after her rescue, Bailey went to her foster. People still scared her, but food really gets her excited. And before long, the perfect individual came to give her a home.

From the moment Patty Caldwell saw Bailey’s photos online, she fell in love with her. She quickly applied to adopt the little Chihuahua. And in no time, she’s already home with her.

Credits to Dallas Dog RRR



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