The Spence family are animal-lovers who cannot say ‘no’ every time they see a cat or a dog needing adoption. In all, they have five rescued pets that roam around their house playing together with their three kids. Out of their five rescued pets, 8-year-old English pointer Nora stands out. She seems to be terrified of almost anything. Nora probably experienced cruelty and abuse from her previous owner.

When the Spence family adopted her, she gravitated towards 11-month-old Archie, the youngest member of the family. They have become very close that sometimes they even have matching outfits. She still displays fear but never towards Archie.


Archie is a happy good-natured kid who also adores Nora. They do a lot of things together, including some minor mischief. Nora feels safe with Archie and has allowed herself to be Archie’s buddy. She follows the child everywhere and does everything Archie does.

For example, every time Archie takes a bath, Nora would be lying near the door, waiting for her kid-buddy to get out. Archie’s nursing time would also be a chance for him to sit on mom’s lap.

Playtime is their most-loved time because they can do anything they want in the playroom. They look so cute whenever they take a nap together, which they do almost every day. Nora and Archie love sleeping on the same bed and keep each other cozy. They would again resume their play after the nap. They are inseparable.

The family’s other kids, Loretta and Wellington, also love the pets. But being teenagers, they have other activities outside of the house, so, it’s Archie who is always left behind. The little boy does not mind because he has Nora to keep him company.

Elizabeth Spence and her husband trained their children to respect the animals and care for them the way they deserved to be cared for. Having three kids and more animals in the family never caused any problem at all.

Please watch the video below.

Source: Have Fun via Youtube



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