Now, before you start worrying if you can pass the flu onto your canine companion– or if you could catch it from your pet– rest assured that the answer is no. Canine as well as human flu are really unique viruses, and so far there’s never been a case of human-to-animal or animal-to-human transmission. However, canine flu is no joke.


Is Canine Flu Serious?
The condition frequently referred to as canine flu is among one of the most common transmittable illness that dogs can get. The illness is not serious in most cases, nonetheless, as well as typically settles itself after one to two weeks.

Canine flu can be caused by several airborne germs as well as infections. It is normally accepted that many cases of kennel cough are brought on by the bacteria Bordetella bronchiseptica yet it has actually also been associated with the canine distemper virus (CDV) and also canine parainfluenza.

The key sign of canine flu is a completely dry, uncertain coughing which is caused by the swelling of the pet’s throat and also bronchi. Coughing spells will certainly commonly cause the canine coughing up a sudsy and also white discharge. Some pet dogs will likewise establish conjunctivitis– a swelling of the membrane that lines the eyelids. Nasal discharge may additionally be present. Essentially, the canine appears to have a really unpleasant chilly or flu.

Why You Should Consult with Your Veterinarian Immediately
As stated over, the disease is rarely serious and also nearly never life-threatening. Still, if you have seen any of these symptoms or you think that your pet dog is not well with all the above symptoms then you need to consult your veterinarian instantly.

Canine Physical
Your vet will have the ability to detect kennel cough with a health examination and medical history. The coughing associated with the condition is really particular and also a simple massage therapy of the dog’s throat can normally trigger it to cough on hint. In many cases, such as if the dog is depressed or feverish or eliminating a yellow discharge, the physician may call for extra analysis examinations such as a complete blood count (CBC) as well as lab testing of bacteria in the pet’s air passage. These examinations will certainly assist the physician eliminate various other infectious illness such as influenza, pneumonia, or canine distemper.

Is A Booster Shot Necessary?
Booster shot can assist avoid kennel coughing and is recommended. When kenneling your dog or traveling it may be needed before your pet dog will certainly be admitted. Effective immunization can be challenging, however, since the disease can be caused by a lot of different virus. Energetic prevention on your component can be accomplished by not enabling your pet dog’s playthings or water and food bowls to be accessed by strange pet dogs. If participating in dog reveals ensure that the location is well ventilated to aid with the expulsion of air-borne pathogens.

Antibiotics to the Rescue
Kennel cough is treated with antibiotics for the most part. Antibiotics will help stop any additional illnesses from developing while the pet overcomes its instance of kennel cough.



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