Harold is one of the dogs in the care of the Grand Strand Humane Society in Myrtle Beach. Harold was initially chosen for adoption but was given back to them. This shattered the hearts of the staff and volunteers.

The reason that Harold was given back is neither that there is something wrong with him nor because he did something bad. He was just not the right fit in the home of the people who adopted him.


After a week of his return, Harold did something that made the shelter believe that his rejection was a blessing in disguise. He is now a hero for saving six abandoned puppies.

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Harold was on his way back after a walk with a volunteer when he suddenly acted strangely. He kept on coming back to a specific area where supplies and donations for the shelter were unloaded. He just kept on circling a large container and refused to leave.

The container was sitting near a truck bed. The volunteer tried and tried again to usher Harold to the shelter, but he just stayed put. The volunteer decided to investigate what’s in the area that’s causing Harold to act that way.

The contents of the large container shocked the volunteer. What’s inside are six abandoned tiny puppies. Thanks to Harold, the puppies were found in time, and they were brought to safety.

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According to the shelter, if not for Harold, the puppies would not have found for hours because the area has high activity. There are a lot of containers and bags that are being constantly moved.

If Harold was not there on that day, the world will be six happy puppies short. There is no doubt that Harold is a hero and that there is a very good reason why he was given back — to save lives.

Credits to Grand Strand Humane Society on Facebook






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