Alison, the founder of the Bali Rescue Dog Squad, spent 30 days to rescue one, special dog.

Rescuing the sickly puppy is not going to be easy, Allison thought. She’s been trying to bring home Doby as she decides to name him, for days now but to no avail. Every time she tries to come closer, the poor dog would run away, in danger of being run over by passing vehicles. They would bring Doby food, but he won’t even look at them. He was so skinny and had lost most of his fur.


Fifteen days have gone by, and the sickly dog keeps running from them still. He must be too sick even to eat or drink. Even so, Allison and the team continue to look for him in the hopes that it will get him used to their presence.

On one of their visits, they came closer to the dog, but this time, he didn’t run away. Finally, after 30 days, he allowed them to rescue him. Alison got him immediately checked by a vet. He needed medication, but for Allison, “what he needed the most was a lot of love and attention.”

Doby was visibly looking better after being rescued. He has started wagging his tail and let Allison touch him. He follows her around and goes everywhere with Allison. He seems to know that he is now safe and loved. His eyes that were once very lonely and desolate became clear, bright, and beautiful once again. He has gained a renewed excitement and trust for a better life, thanks to Allison and her team.

Five months later, Doby is acting more as a dog should. He is the playful, happy, and healthy dog he may have been once. He is estimated to be around 13 to 15 years old but still has the vigor and drive to live a life of happiness, just like any other dog. Doby is still waiting for a family to love, and Allison hopes to find him a forever home soon.

Images courtesy of Bali Rescue Dog Squad



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