Ariana Smoak was on her way home when she got the surprise of her life. It was a puppy alone on the side of the road. Arian pulled over and walked over to the abandoned dog.

As it turned out, Ariana’s hitchhiker was not alone. Soon enough, an entire litter of puppies approached Ariana. They were all flea-infested and were obviously in a dire physical condition.


Ariana proved to be a good Samaritan. She rescued the puppies and brought them home. She fed them and raised funds to pay for their medical needs.

She then started looking for willing adoptees. By then the puppies were all cute and healthy. It did not take long before each one of them found a forever home.

That is except for one. The pup goes by the name Sunny. Ariana ended up adopting Sunny herself.

Sunny is a sweet pup. Also, he’s a little strange. But not scary-strange.

Sunny is cute-strange. His strangeness primarily manifests in his chosen best friend. We are talking about an inanimate red brick.

The red brick in question had been employed by Ariana to keep her living room rug in place. The brick weighed down the rug, like a paperweight. But Sunny had other plans for it.

Sunny decided to adopt the red brick as his best friend. The two have been inseparable since. From Sunny’s puppyhood to his adulthood, the red brick stayed by his side.

Since it’s all harmless and a little charming, Ariana left Sunny and his brick alone. After all, it’s way better than Sunny running around the neighborhood befriending bad and troublemaking doggos.

At least Sunny’s inanimate friend does not goad him into partaking in bad doggy behavior. Ariana knows the red brick is a good influence on Sunny. To each his own.

Source: The Dodo



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