Adopting a rescue dog is a good thing. You’re not only freeing up much-needed space in the shelter, but you’re also saving the life of a living creature. Shelter dogs are ready to love and be loved by their new family. You may not know it, but once you adopt a shelter dog, they will be very grateful for giving them a forever home.

One particular family knows how lucky they were when they adopted a rescue dog named Haus. The family thought that they were saving the life of a dog. However, what they didn’t know was that Haus was going to pay back his new family’s kindness by saving the life of one of his new human sibling.


When the DeLuca family adopted Haus, they found that Haus is a very affectionate dog who instantly bonded with the entire family, especially with the children. Haus acted as a protector for the whole family, where he was loved. Little did the family know that Haus was literally going to save the life of one of the children in the family.

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While playing in the backyard, Haus’s owner, Donya DeLuca, suddenly noticed that he jumped in front of her daughter, Molly, and started fighting something. When Donya had a closer look, she saw a diamondback rattlesnake striking at Haus.

Despite being bitten three times, Haus kept fighting the rattlesnake to make sure that Molly and Donya were safe from any danger. After the fight with the snake, Haus eventually collapsed from the venom injected into his body.

Donya didn’t waste any time at all and rushed Haus to the emergency vet. Haus needed antivenom injections four times a day for four days. Antivenom isn’t cheap, and to help pay for his medical bills, people started to donate once they heard about his heroic actions.

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Donya and her family are very grateful that Haus was there to save Molly. They did everything they can to save Haus’s life. Thankfully, Haus made a full recovery and was reunited with his family. The DeLuca family is also grateful to all the people who donated money to cover Haus’s medical bills.

They promised to donate any leftover amount to the local animal rescue. Despite being new to the family, Haus defended and risked his life to keep his new family safe. Here’s a remarkable video telling the story about Haus’s bravery.

Video Source ABC News via YouTube



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