It still amazes me how some humans are capable of atrocities committed against dogs. Even today, there are still dogs being dumped by humans just because they don’t want the responsibility or that they look a little different than normal. Even if they’re animals, they still deserve to be loved by a family.

We have to remember that our pet dogs aren’t just pets. They’re also a part of our family that we should also treat like we would a family member. Some people don’t get this, and they continue to abuse and neglect dogs.


In fact, rescuers from an animal rescue organization called The Arrow Fund found a puppy stuffed inside a duffel bag, which was dumped in the middle of the woods. The person who did such a cruel thing most likely left the puppy to die. Thankfully, rescue staff and volunteers were able to find the puppy before it was too late.

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When the rescuers brought the puppy in for medical care, they found that the puppy was missing two front paws. They suspected that this was also the reason why the cute little puppy was abandoned. A woman named Emily Weedman stepped in and volunteered to foster the special puppy.

The animal rescue organization decided to name the puppy, Freya. Despite having no front paws, she was a  very energetic dog. To make sure that Freya doesn’t develop any injuries on her front paws, Emily laid out blankets, carpets, and towels around her house so that Freya would have a soft place to walk on.

Freya’s positive personality and loving nature eventually stole the hearts of the family. Although Emily planned on only fostering Freya, she and her entire family were glad that Freya ended up as a foster fail. This means that Emily ended up adopting Freya.

Freya soon grew up to be a very happy dog who loves to run around with her human and dog siblings. Even without her front paws, she tries her best to catch up. Here’s an inspiring video of how a tiny puppy with no front paws ended up stealing the hearts of an entire family.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube



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