If you don’t know Pitbulls well enough, you might think that they are a vicious breed because of their appearance. They have large bulky frames, and they have intimidating looks. And a lot of people think they are dangerous and should not be considered as pets.

They may look terrifying at first, but several people believe that Pitbulls are just a misunderstood breed. These people often find pit bulls sweet and gentle– as opposed to the common misconception of a Pitbull being a fierce dog deep into its core. They say the problem is not with the breed, but with the people who handle them.
And among these people who believe in a Pitbull’s goodness is the Daniels family who lives in Ohio. Indeed, they have a reason to believe so. This is their story:


Ember and Tre

Despite the breed’s bad reputation, the Daniels family adopted a homeless Pitbull whom they named Ember. As time passed, Ember and the Daniels’ 10-year old son, Tre, became close friends. They became inseparable.

However, the family’s mom, Tracy, was perplexed one night on Ember’s strange behavior. Ember went to Tracy’s bedroom and began to grumble. The dog was pacing and was uneasy over something. Having a hard time deciphering what the dog wanted to say to her, Tracy began to follow the dog to the bathroom. That’s when she made a shocking discovery.

Son in danger

Tracy saw her dear son in the bathtub experiencing a medical emergency. Tre’s legs were on the tub, and his head was pushed further back. He was having seizures.

Pitbull hero

Thankfully, after that incident, Tre was safe. But if it wasn’t for the family Pitbull, things could have taken for the worse. According to the doctor who attended Tre, it would have been dangerous for Tre if the medical intervention came in a little later. This only shows that Ember, a Pitbull, is capable of taking care of the people who matter to her.

Source LOCAL 12 via Youtube



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