New York Bully Crew is a known animal welfare advocate. They rescue pit bull-type dogs, and they also act as voices for these beautiful animals. Pit bulls are one of the most heavily discriminated dog breeds. They are seen as vicious animals who are not suitable as pets. However, nothing can be further from the truth.

Pit bulls are actually one of the most loving dogs. New York Bully Crew founder, Craig Fields, rescued quite a lot of pit bull-type dogs over the years. He’s also a dad to a few pit bulls. Craig continues to make people aware that pit bulls are very gentle and deserve to be loved.


Although he owns quite a few pit bulls, the one pit bull that stole his heart is named Ayita. Ayita is a pit bull that Craig rescued from an abandoned home. Ayita lived in an abandoned house in New Jersey. She was abandoned because she had a rare illness called MPS.

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MPS is a metabolic disorder in dogs that prevents them from metabolizing sugar. This causes the dogs suffering from MPS to have an underbite, deformities in the extremities, and difficulty in breathing. MPS has no cure and life expectancy is short.

Despite all this, Craig still loves Ayita and made him even more determined to give her the best life ever. Craig developed a special bond between Ayita and him. He would make her feel loved by always singing to her let her snuggle with him.

Ayita also had a positive impact on Craig’s life. Even with her condition, Ayita is always happy. This affected Craig in such a positive way. Because of Ayita, Craig also wants to be always happy, and he stopped complaining about the tiniest inconveniences in life, such as traffic.

Craig wants to make sure that Ayita’s life is always incredible every day. Here’s a heartwarming video of how a special needs dog stole her dad’s heart. Ayita’s story is very inspiring. Thanks to people like Craig, dogs like Ayita has a chance to live out the rest of their lives feeling happy.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube



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