Pick of the Litter is a documentary that features five puppies. These labradors go by the names Patriot, Poppet, Primrose, Phil, and Potomac. Throughout the film, they are shown undergoing extensive training en route to becoming guide dogs for the visually-impaired.

The documentary starts off with visually-impaired individuals recounting stories on how their guide dogs saved their lives at some point. These stories involve the World Trade Center crash and speeding cars, among other scenarios soon after the viewers are introduced to the two human protagonists of the documentary–a man and woman who are in need of a guide dog.


pick of the litter review

Photo courtesy of Dog With Blog

Pick of the Litter somehow follows the reality show template.  The documentary follows the “P litter” from the day of their birth all the way to the 20th month of their service dog training. In between these two highlights of their canine existence, there is a lot of cuteness to behold courtesy of our labradors, and they are all captured on film.

But the best part of this film is the tidbits of information viewers get to mine from the lives of service dogs. For instance, there is a dedicated term for puppies who trained to become guide dogs but have failed the training. They are referred to as “career-change” pups.

The moniker “career-change” in reference to puppies is at once funny and sad. And that’s exactly the whole aesthetic of Pick of the Litter. It swings back and forth two extremes, which makes for a roller-coaster ride of a film.

If you want to see something endearing and tender, with a tinge of sadness and discomfort, you may want to check out Pick of the Litter. You do not have to be all crazy about dogs to relate with this film. It’s a documentary that can appeal to human empathy, regardless of your background and personal predilections.

Source: Dog With Blog



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