It’s always incredible to see our canine pals interact with animals from different species. Though dogs differ in temperament from the other animals, they find a way to communicate with them.

With this, let’s see how a particular dog reacts towards its chicken friend’s call for playtime. Though the fowl persistently pecks and scratches at the pooch’s body, the dog seems very tolerant of its disturbing behavior.

Let’s play, shall we?


In this incredibly entertaining footage, a brown-furred pooch named Gabe lies peacefully on the ground. By the looks of it, Gabe’s taking his much-needed afternoon nap in their backyard.

But, it seems the dog’s silkie chicken friend has other ideas in mind as it moves towards the sleeping dog. Before anyone could stop the chicken, it gives its canine pal a fleeting glance before climbing on its body.

Most dogs by now would’ve snarled at the chicken, but Gabe proves he’s different from the others. Though the fowl climbed over Gabe’s body, the pooch carried on with its peaceful slumber.

Who’s that?

Seeing that Gabe carried on with his slumber, the mischievous chicken decided to wake its canine pal for some playtime. Without wasting any second, the chicken starts pecking at the snoozing dog’s body.

But, as Gabe still doesn’t respond, the fowl doubled its efforts and even used its clawed feet to scratch its back. Yet, no matter how hard the chicken tries, Gabe continued sleeping like a baby.

By the looks of it, nothing that the chicken’s doing worked on Gabe. Despite this desperate situation, the persistent silkie chicken continued scratching and pecking at the dog’s body.

However, Gabe’s patience with his chicken friend’s wearing thin as he suddenly jerks awake. How do you think the pooch responded to the chicken’s persistent wake-up calls? Feel free to view Gabe and the chicken in live-action in the video link below.

Video Credit: ViralHog via YouTube



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