We all know that dogs are intelligent animals. They can learn basic commands, such as sit, stay, down, and come here, quite quickly. In fact, my dog knows all the commands mentioned above even though I’m not a dog trainer.

I’ve trained my dog myself. With time and patience, you too can teach your dog the basic commands. However, there is a funny video that shows an older dog teaching his younger brother how to sit.


The older dog, Rufus, tries teaching his baby brother, Jet, how to sit. The video shows that Rufus is helping his mom train his brother.

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At first, Jet didn’t quite get what sit means. Rufus understood that their human mom wanted Jet to sit. So, what he did was lent his paw to help by gently pushing Jet’s backside down so he can sit and get treats.

Thanks to his helping paw, his mom also gave him a treat.

When their mom tried it again, and Jet still didn’t understand the command, Rufus helped Jet again doing the same thing by putting his paw on his brother’s backside to sit.

Unknowingly, the dog’s mom also taught Rufus to train his baby brother, Jet.

Of course, Rufus wanted to get some treats too, so he’s being a good boy by helping his mom out in training Jet.

And, their mom appreciates this by giving Rufus a treat when Jet follows her command with his help.

Although encouraged by the treats, we can observe in this video that dogs can help each other out.

Rufus is such a great big brother by helping to train Jet. Their mom couldn’t be prouder of his two lovely boys.

Here’s a video of Rufus and his mom training Jet how to sit. For sure, it will leave you laughing how these dogs are helping out one another for the sake of treats.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube



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