Sinatra, a brown and white husky, must have really wanted to go out the day he went missing. A package had arrived at his home in Brooklyn, New York; once his owner opened the door to receive it, Sinatra bolted off.

The Willis family, owners of the husky, looked everywhere in New York for Sinatra and distributed flyers, but no one came forward to report that they had found the dog. Eventually, they had to accept that Sinatra was gone.


Lesmore Willis, the family patriarch, was heartbroken over Sinatra’s disappearance. He had gotten the husky as a present for his 14-year-old daughter, Zion, who was a dog lover and had a budding dog-walking business of her own.

In a tragic turn of events, Zion died from a shooting accident almost two years after the Willises took in Sinatra.

The husky was one of the family’s remaining connections to Zion, so losing him was more than just losing the family dog; it was as if they also lost a piece of their daughter’s memory.

Eighteen months later, a teenager named Rose Verill watched a brown husky roaming around their neighborhood in Seffner, Florida, as she waited for the school bus.

She says the dog had the air of an animal who belonged to someone, so she and her mother, along with their family friend Jeanne Baldi, brought the husky to a veterinarian for a microchip scanning.

They did find an ID on the chip, but the information was incomplete; the phone number was missing one digit, and the name indicated was “Willis Les.”

Not wanting to give up, Jeanne took to social media to look for “Willis Les.” Eventually, she found Lesmore’s profile and sent him a message to ask if he had a missing dog.

Lesmore responded to say that indeed, he had lost a brown husky who had the same foot problem as the dog Rose had found. After showing each other photos of the canine, both Lesmore and Jeanne confirmed that the husky was Sinatra.

Both of them were astonished at how Sinatra managed to end up 1,100 miles away in Florida, but the Willises say it doesn’t matter as long as the dog—and their link to Zion—is back home.

Watch the Willises welcome back Sinatra in the video below:

Source: CBS This Morning on YouTube



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