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Several studies in the past have proven that dogs are very active animals. With the kind of stamina they have, it is almost always necessary that they should have an outlet for it.

Some of the activities they could engage as an outlet for their excess energy could include running around, playing with dogs of their breed, or by doing strenuous activities. But some dogs tend to channel their energy by being a little bit playful at their owners. It is no longer new to us that dogs become too loud when looking for attention.


Despite this, dog lovers still show their affection toward their pooches because they believe their dogs deserve their love and support. And this love shown by humans is reciprocated in one way or another.

For example, dogs could save us in times of trouble. With the use of their sharp senses, pooches can also save the lives of their owners when an impending disaster is knocking at their very door.

Hank, a German shepherd, has a unique story of how he was able to prompt his family of an unfortunate event. The dog started barking loudly to call the attention of his owners. The dog’s loud barking was due to a fire razing a nearby waiting shed.

Without the early signs through Hank’s barking, their home could have been reached by the fire. Per Ulysses Cocksman, one of Hank’s owners, he was awakened by the dog’s barking. He decided to check on Hank and afterward saw the fire at a nearby waiting shed.

As a result, the family was able to ask for help in putting the fire out before it reaches their house. Thanks to Hank for his real-time warning.

With this, Cocksman could not find the right words how to thank his pooch. While it is a fact that Hank is a very naughty dog, Cocksman knows that the pooch is still a loyal dog as proven by this event.

Credits to Ulysses Cocksman.



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