It’s incredible to see our canine pals interacting harmoniously with animals from a different species. Even if they don’t share the same communication methods, dogs manage to become friends with them.

Thus, one adorable dog comes up with an exciting chasing game with its sheep friend. But, it seems the pooch’s mischievousness backfired on him as the sheep thought of a plan to retaliate playfully.

Catch me if you can!


In this dynamic footage,  two animals play with each other on their lawn. One of the animals’ a black-furred dog named Ben, while the pristinely white-furred sheep’s known as Bobica.

By the looks of it, Ben and Bobica enjoy a fun playtime with each other as they merrily run across the meadow. Though the two animals come from different species, it seems they don’t care at all as they happily play with each other.

At first, Ben’s on the upper hand of the game as he advances to Bobica with a “threatening” stance. Seeing the dog’s aggressive move, the sheep takes a few steps backward.

Oh, so you dare “attack” me now, huh?

It seems Bobica’s about to retreat from their chasing game. But, before mischievous Ben could celebrate his short-lived victory, the fearless sheep charges towards the dog, ultimately alarming it.

Without waiting for Bobica to gain full momentum, Ben runs away from the sheep. On and on, the dog ran in circles around the tree to escape the sheep’s charges.

However, as Bobica realized that Ben’s a fast runner, she decides to change tactics and returns to the path she trudged earlier. And, it seems the sheep’s strategy worked as Ben inevitably ran across Bobica face-to-face.

How do you think the playful pair’s chasing game ended? Find out by watching the full video in the link below.

Video Credit: ViralHog via YouTube



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