Life is indeed full of surprises. Sometimes we have to be in particular situations or specific locations to encounter a surprise that we wouldn’t experience in other settings. But sometimes surprises come to our doorsteps out of nowhere – literally.

If you don’t believe us, you can ask Brooks Rabren – a native of Birmingham, Alabama who got a little surprise one fine day at his home. He was minding his own business at home, and when he looked outside, he saw a pup lying on his porch. He checked the pup’s collar, but she did not have any tags on her.


Rabren figured that this lost dog was well taken care of, so her family must be looking for her. So he decided to wait for them to come and collect their runaway dog. While waiting, an idea struck Rabren. He had two options, he could stay there and bore themselves to death, or they can go out and have a nice time.

Good thing Rabren chose the latter. But before anything else, he made sure that he got the word out that he found this beautiful lost dog so that her owners can come and get her. First order of the day, chow time! Rabren got some dog food the runaway dog, which she gobbled up quickly.

After allowing some time for digesting the food, they went to the lake for a quick dip, and this lost pup surely loves the water. They went back to their home as Rabren needed to do some schoolwork. During this time, the tired pup decided to snooze out on the porch. Late in the afternoon, they went to chill on Rabren’s boat and cruised on the lake.

This dog was living the sweet life. But unfortunately,  the fun day with this stranger had come to an end, the lost pup’s owners have come to claim her – her name is Lola. Rabren was heartbroken but got another surprise – Lola ran away after 10 minutes of being collected and went back to his house! They hung out for some time while waiting for her parents to claim her. Rabren was happy to find a new friend in Lola and hopes it’s not the last time they see each other.

Video credit: BRabrenGolf via Twitter

Thanks to The Dodo for telling this story.



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