Kids love to play with their peers all day long. No matter what game they put their minds into, they make sure that they enjoy every second of it.

But, children aren’t the only creatures who love some dose of fun as an energetic dog plays the donut game with its brother. Though it’s a simple game, it’s undeniable that both parties enjoyed it.

Weeh! This game’s fun!


In this short video, one can initially see two figures having some fun games on the snowy field. As the camera focuses on the characters, one can see a dog and a boy playing with a sled.

By the looks of it, the dog grabs hold of the ropes to pull the sled its human brother’s riding. However, the dog isn’t merely pulling the sled in an unorganized manner as it starts going around in circles.

It turns out; the black-furred pooch plays the donut game with its brother. The boy rides on the sled while the dog does all the hard work in bringing the sled to a full circle.

Do it again! Do it again!

As the video progressed, the dog carried on with its task, ultimately making its brother happy. The boy even squealed with delight with every turn they made.

However, as exhaustion finally crept up on the dog, he needs to take a breather to recover his energy. Thus, the dog stops holding the ropes for a moment to take some rest.

Seeing this, the man behind the camera calls out to the dog and encourages it to continue with its earlier moves. Inspired by Dad’s words, the pooch pulled on the ropes with its mouth and started another round of the donut game.

How do you think the boy reacted towards the second round of their game? Check out the next scenario by viewing the video linked below.

Video Credit: ViralHog via YouTube



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