We all know how children with autism need extra attention and care. The struggles which most of these patients experience are not easy. However, these struggles are incomparable to the pain which their mothers feel. Mothers want their kids to live a healthy life. So, it pains them to see and witness their kids struggle especially at a young age.

Mothers would grab the slightest chance to make their kids feel happy and secured. Thus, we cannot help but feel the happiness of a mother as she witnessed the joy and comfort which her boy felt upon meeting his service dog.


Watch the video below.

The video above is a proof of how the presence of a dog in the life of someone with special needs creates a positive impact. The mother cannot hide her happiness seeing her boy get comfortable with the service dog. It was the first time these two met, and yet, the boy seems to be comfortable with the pup.

With this, somehow the mother has an assurance that her son will be in good hands. We all know how caring, protective and loyal dogs are and to see the boy and the dog get along well on their first day of meeting is such a relief. Also, the dog received an intensive training intended exclusively for kids with the same condition as the boy in the video. Thus, it adds more assurance to the mother.

Our thoughts

Seeing the mother break down as she witnessed the comfort brought by the dog to her little one is a heartwarming experience. It seems like she found her chance and her ally in providing her boy a better life. The dog’s presence gave comfort not only to the boy but to also to his mother.

Source: YouTube via Inside Edition



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