Lazy dog won't budge
Lazy dog refuses to move

At home, you surely have your own perfect spot. It could be the windowsill where you can watch people pass by, that squashy armchair on the right corner of the living room, or your office where you can work in peace.

Dogs do have their own perfect spots, too. And when they find one, they may find it hard to let the place go. Just look at Ziggy. He found the perfect spot, and now, he didn’t want to leave it.

Ziggy’s cozy place


Ziggy, a two-year-old Chow Chow, had found a nice place in front of the bottom drawer in their home’s kitchen. He planted his flag in this place and refused to move.

Olivia Molly Rogers and her partner Justin, both Ziggy’s fur parents, encouraged the pooch to move. But the dog was stubborn, simply refusing to budge even a centimeter.

According to Olivia, who was a speech pathologist, Ziggy would always lie in the kitchen in positions that inconvenienced them. He would do it when they were cooking or preparing meals.

In a video clip of Ziggy’s stubbornness, Justin was trying to get something from the drawer. However, he wasn’t able to open the drawer properly because of the dog’s position.

Being stubborn: a hallmark of Chow Chow behavior

Olivia said that it was definitely a Chow Chow thing to be aloof and stubborn. If the dog were comfortable, he would not move for anything. She added that she and her partner could not stop laughing about this; Ziggy’s stubbornness and his other little quirks always made them laugh.

Guidebooks on dogs attest to Olivia’s claim. Chow Chows can be very stubborn and aloof at times. But they can be very protective of their families. If you want to make your Chow Chow a good pet, your pup needs to have plenty of socialization early on, and that includes exposure to kids and people who always visit your home.

Video Source: SWNS via YouTube



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