IKEA shoppers at the company’s Catania branch in Italy are lauding the staff members’ initiative in providing temporary shelter to stray dogs.

Martine Taccia, one guest of the store, was pleasantly surprised when she saw several dogs huddled together among the store’s displays one cold autumn morning.


She found out that the staffers decided to let homeless dogs sleep in their store to get warm. More than that, the employees provide food and water to the mutts, as well as lots of cuddles.

There have also been customers—and even a few employees—who were not able to resist how adorable the canines were and thus volunteered to adopt them. So not only did the dogs get a comfortable place to rest in, but also found their forever homes.

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It appears that the Catania store does not publicly announce this touching endeavor of theirs, but anyone who visits the store can’t help but feel uplifted, and the reactions from customers have been positive.

Beppe Liotta, another IKEA customer, recalls feeling both delighted and moved when he spotted the canines dozing inside.

Although the company does not implement this practice in all of its branches, IKEA has proven to have a soft spot for animals.

They have previously worked with two animal shelters for a campaign called Home for Hope, in which they placed lifelike standees of rescue dogs among their displays to show guests how well these animals would fit in their new homes.

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The cutouts contained information about each dog for interested adopters.

IKEA also launched the LURVIG collection in 2017. It was specifically tailored for animals and contained such items as food bowls, pet beds, and pet sofas.

Liotta, an animal lover, hopes IKEA’s initiative will inspire other businesses and start opening their doors to homeless animals as well.

Many people feel the same way; social media users who saw photos of the IKEA dogs online expressed their gratitude to the firm. One even declared, “I am now forever loyal to Ikea.”

Watch the cute dogs getting comfy in IKEA in the video below:

Una bella iniziativa per dare riparo ai randagi mentre fuori piove…..tutto questo succede nel centro commerciale di IKEA(Catania- Sicily ☀)tra lo stupore di molti passanti,mia figlia emozionata mi ha mandato questo video! Vogliamo applaudire questa civiltà?👏👏👏👏👏

Posted by Vittoria Taccia Gabrielli on Saturday, November 10, 2018

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