Winter’s one of the most magical seasons that anyone could experience. Though snow covers the ground, one cannot help but marvel at the beauty this pure white surrounding brings.

However, sometimes, too much snow isn’t fun at all. Thus, one needs to regularly clean the yard to prevent a thick build-up of snow. With this, a helpful pooch lends a hand with the cleaning process but inevitably ends up getting covered with snow.

Let’s clean this up, bud!


In this adorable video clip, a man stands on the terrace of their home. By the looks of it, the man’s taking a look at their surroundings as powdery snow completely covers the ground.

Not far away, the man’s beloved canine named Delilah sits on the snow-laden ground. It seems this pooch’s willing to lend a hand to its fur parent as it obediently sits while awaiting for its command.

However, the man on the ledge suddenly starts shoving some of the snow on the ground. This move inevitably cleared some of the powdery snow that piled on it, making the terrace a whole lot cleaner.

Uhmm, Dad? Don’t you know I’m here?

While Dad’s busy with the terrace clean-up, he unavoidably dumped some of the snow on Delilah who’s innocently sitting on the ground. Most dogs would’ve already run around frantically, but Delilah chose to stay put and handle everything calmly.

As the seconds pass by, Dad carries on with his cleaning task, dumping more and more snow on the innocent dog. This event continued for a few more seconds until Delilah realized that the snow’s already neck-deep.

How do you think the pooch reacted to the situation? Did Delilah finally move away from the snowy pile? You’ll only know if you watch the entire video linked below.

Video Credit: ViralHog via YouTube



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