With the advancement of social media came the increasing number of doggie pages flooding the internet. This adorable Shih Tzu-poodle-chihuahua mix was not an exception to the trend. Maggie is a sweet pup who lives with her mom, Eunice, and her parents.

If you happen to drop by her Instagram feed, you could see that she was born as a natural superstar. Her mom loves adorning her with all sorts of Halloween costumes and designer clothing, and she has no complaints at all. In fact, she enjoys her clothes and the netizens’ attention too much.


But while most of her photos are her posing in super adorable costumes or her simply lounging around and being all cute and cuddly, there is one particular photo that had the internet howling in laughter. You see, although Eunice and Maggie are an inseparable duo, the canine’s mom is almost always busy with university.

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So every time Eunice needs to go out, Maggie is entrusted to her dad. There is no problem with this at all since grandpa and Maggie get along pretty well.

Eunice’s dad enjoys babysitting Maggie, and the canine would be as sweet as a rabbit every time they are together. However, one time, Maggie decided that being sweet was too boring, so she decided to prank her grandpa for a change.

Grandpa was preparing for an afternoon nap that day, so he removed his dentures and set them on the table. That was Maggie’s cue to begin the prank. She raced towards the dentures and grabbed it by her mouth. When Grandpa finally woke up, he was naturally dumbfounded to find no dentures.

There were no apparent signs of forced entry, so logically, the theft was within their home. He finally discovered the guilty party when Maggie proudly flashed her precious smile at him, revealing the lost dentures. He couldn’t contain his amusement when he found out, and after telling Eunice the incident, she couldn’t help but share it to the world as well.

The pooch was eventually forgiven. But we are sure looking forward to more of Maggie’s crazy antics!

Just look at this innocent face!

Courtesy of magstermoomoo



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