Haley Okun and her family have always had dogs. From her childhood days up until the time she went to college, dogs have been part of their household. And throughout her entire childhood, Haley’s family has had 4 dogs which they considered more like family members rather than pets.

Haley’s love for animals became stronger through the years of owning one. But something really special about caring for a dog is that Haley has become more bonded to her grandfather.


Spending 7 consecutive summers with Grandpa gave them more time to be together. They drove around the neighborhood almost every day. And Grandpa never failed to point out every puppy and dog that comes their way.

Steve Gavin, Haley’s grandpa, is absolutely head over heels when it comes to dogs. Like his granddaughter, Grandpa Steve had dogs during his younger years. And he’s delighted to share the same love with Haley.

While he doesn’t have any dog of his own for now, all his kids, as well as his friends, own at least one. His visits them frequently and that gives him the opportunity to make friends with them. Likewise, most of his neighbors own dogs. And each time he sees one being walked, Grandpa calls Haley and reports about them.

Recently, however, Haley wasn’t available to pick up her grandpa’s call. So Steve left a voicemail message instead. And it’s the sweetest one ever.

Here’s a transcription of the message:

Grandpa Steve likes to tell Haley stories about dogs. He also sends her some articles and stories that he gets to see and read. Surely, Grandpa has great eyes for spotting adorable pups and dogs. And he makes sure to always call Haley and let her know how wonderful they are. Without a doubt, dogs are one great reason why Haley and Grandpa Steve are close.

Credits to Haley Okun



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