It is no secret how many stray dogs there are in the streets nowadays. Some were intentionally abandoned while others were merely born and raised in the harsh alleys.

Seeing these furry friends go hungry every day is positively heartbreaking. Sure, rescuers can always take them to shelters, but what about for those places with lacking shelters and facilities?


Good thing there are still thoughtful and concerned humans around who always think about these cute little pups. An innovative Turkish company, Pugedon, has taken the initiative to help these stray dogs get food even along the streets. They have developed a photo booth-like machine which takes your recyclables and converts them to dog food.

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The machine is a recycling bin where passersby can drop their used water bottles in exchange for treats. Each water bottle inserted in the chute will equal to some fixed amount of dog food dispensed by the machine itself. How ingenious! Thanks to their innovative gizmo, stray canines will never go hungry again.

Aside from dog food, there is also a container for water to keep the dogs hydrated in the summer. Not worry because the water and the food are 100% clean.

The invention does not only benefit the stray pets in the area, but it also becomes a creative way to encourage people to recycle. It is a no brainer how lazy people are in segregating waste. By promoting this machine, tons of locals will be inspired to recycle their bottles to help the stray canines.

How can one resist helping a cute little pup loitering in the streets? If that doesn’t pull those heartstrings, we don’t know what will!

Watch the video for yourself and spread the word. This is the kind of invention that needs to reach every corner of the globe.

Video credits to Ruptly

Thank you Here Pup for sharing this story.



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