It is no secret how much Queen Elizabeth adores the corgi breed, particularly the Pembroke Welsh Corgis. In fact, she loved the dog breed too much that she had no less than 30 corgis throughout her entire reign. The Queen was a young royalty when she first fell in love with her dad’s Corgi named Dookie.

Seeing how fond her daughter is with the pooch, King George VI decided to give the young princess her first ever Corgi when she turned 18. The Queen named her Susan, and the pooch was the foremother of the majority of her succeeding corgis.


All of the Queen’s corgis are treated with the utmost respect that they are practically honorable members of the royal family. They live in a private apartment, and the Queen would personally attend to the dogs’ needs whenever she has the time. She initiates their walks around their Windsor grounds and would closely monitor the food they eat.

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The dogs have gained so much popularity that three of them (Willow, Holly, and Monty) all played a special role in the 2012 London Olympic Games opening ceremony, together with James Bond. And just this June, a new movie, inspired by these famous Corgis, was released. “The Queen’s Corgi” basically revolves around the story of “Rex,” Queen Elizabeth’s fictitious favorite corgi as he goes on an unlikely adventure to find his way back to the palace. The characters are voiced by Jack Whitehall as Rex the Corgi and Dame Julie Walters as the Queen.

Her Majesty currently owns two Dorgis (a Dashchund and Corgi mix), Candy and Vulcan. She had since stopped breeding her original corgis when two of her favorite pooches passed away due to cancer. Nevertheless, the Corgi breed will always be a royal symbol of Queen Elizabeth, no matter what.

Watch the movie trailer here.

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