German Shepherds are known to be big breeds of dogs. But Ranger, a two-year-old German shepherd, is an exception. He’s far from being the gigantic German shepherd. But he has won battles against diseases and has lived a good life despite his condition.

Ranger instantly captured his mom’s heart, Shelby Mayo, when they first met. Her mom noticed that he is quite small for his kind. She didn’t mind at first, but she eventually got bothered by Ranger’s condition as he grows older. She didn’t mind that Ranger stays an adorable puppy forever, but she knows there will be consequences, especially on Ranger’s health.


Mayo is determined to take the extra mile just to give Ranger a life he deserves. In fact, she has taken Ranger numerous times to the vet to make sure he lives a good life. There were a couple of times that Ranger caught infections and parasites. These were all cured eventually by his vet, thanks to his mom’s efforts. But Ranger’s growth and health didn’t improve. He’s still small and continued to suffer from other health issues.

The vet thought that Ranger might be suffering from so-called pituitary dwarfism. It is a genetic mutation that usually affects big dog breeds. Mayo had second thoughts on the vet’s suggestion. Days pass and Mayo started to notice unusual things on Ranger. He began to develop dry, flaky skin. He has also started losing a lot of fur and weight. These were not normal, even for other breeds of dog.

All of Ranger’s symptoms pointed to one thing, low thyroid levels. The vet’s suggestion was confirmed when they had run tests on Ranger. He has dwarfism. Sadly, this condition has no cure yet. Thus, Ranger will remain a puppy in size his entire life.

Mayo strived to help Ranger become the healthiest that he can be. He may not have the same lifespan as normal dogs, but this will not stop Ranger and his mom from living life. He is a great dog, with a great Instagram page with 75, 000 followers. He’s quite popular and is loved by countless people. His time might be short, but the love that he has received, especially from his mom, will last forever.

Credits to Ranger



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