Many people get intimidated by large dogs. The Great Dane breed is one of those that most people find intimidating. They often feared because of their size. In reality, Great Danes are gentle giants.

A pet owner from Fort Campbell, Kentucky went the extra mile to make her Great Dane look friendly. Jessica Williams thought that it was sad that people are afraid or hesitant to be anywhere near her pet. Her pet, Drama, is a five-month-old friendly Great Dane puppy.


One day Jessica decided to take Drama to the groomers for something a little more than just the regular hair grooming and nail trimming. Jessica, with the help of the groomers, dyed Drama’s hair in pink and purple. She also had Drama’s nails painted in pink.

Jessica didn’t mind spending $100 for the whole procedure. And she keeps an eye on Drama’s colors. She gets Drama’s hair and nails recolored as soon as the colors become pale. And don’t fret about the products used on Drama, Jessica made sure that all the products used are safe for dogs.

Unfortunately, Drama is color-blind. She won’t be able to see how lovely she looks in her pink and purple hair and nails. But I’m sure she noticed that people are friendlier to her now. They are no longer afraid or intimidated by her size.

Drama’s color has changed the way people see her. She is no longer seen as a threat. People are no longer hesitant to be near Drama. Kids approach her without fear or apprehension because she now looks like a friendly dog.

Of course, not everyone liked what Jessica did to her pet. Since Drama’s photos went viral, Jessica has received a lot of online hate from other dog owners. To her defense, she made sure that all procedures done and products used are safe for Drama. All Jessica wants is for her pup to look a little less intimidating and for her dog to receive friendlier gestures from people they meet outside of their home. Drama is a friendly dog, after all.

Credits to Caters Clips for sharing a video of Drama via YouTube.



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