Everywhere in the world, dogs are known for their amiable nature. Whether our canine pals interact with a human or another animal, they’re capable of striking the most amazing friendships with them.

Thus, let’s see a particularly gentle Boxer feeding one of its chipmunk friends. Though the pooch’s quite hesitant with the task, he remained calm throughout the entire feeding session.

Feed the little chipmunk, bud.


In this extraordinary footage, an adorable chipmunk named Pierce stares at a man’s outstretched hand. By the looks of it, the chipmunk’s interested in the peanuts on the hand.

Without further ado, Pierce sets out to start munching on the delectable peanuts. The chipmunk continues with his meal until the camera shifts focus to reveal a gentle Boxer standing nearby.

With the way the dog positioned himself, it seems he’s curious about what little Pierce’s doing. But, if you look closer, you’ll see that the pooch’s holding a tiny peanut with its mouth.

Good job!

It turns out; the Boxer’s trying to feed its little chipmunk friend with a delicious peanut. Though it’s the dog’s first time, it keeps holding on to the peanut while waiting for Pierce to notice it.

On and on, Pierce continued eating the peanuts. And, while the chipmunk’s doing this, Dad keeps on encouraging his canine pal to stay still and wait for Pierce to approach him.

After a few heart-stopping moments, Pierce finally finished eating the delectable peanut pile. The friendly Boxer even readjusted his position to make the peanut in his mouth more accessible to Pierce.

But, Pierce did not fail to notice the last peanut piece that the Boxer’s holding. How do you think the pooch reacted when the chipmunk grabbed the food? You’ll only see if you make sure to click the play button in the linked video.

Video Credit: ViralHog via YouTube



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