To all dog lovers out there, it’s time to Netflix and chill. The streaming platform produced a documentary made just for you, featuring, well, dogs! Aptly titled Dogs, this documentary is composed of six parts of canine goodness.

Dogs transcends the usual viral videos you see on your social media feed. It endeavors to tell engaging and endearing stories of the bond shared by humans and their canine companions. This documentary is also a globe-trotting tale, taking viewers from the United States to Costa Rica, Japan, Italy, and Syria.


Dogs is the brainchild of filmmakers Amy Berg and Glen Zipper. Both are self-confessed canine devotees. Their love of dogs is palpable in each segment of the six-part film.

Rory service dog

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Dogs’ first episode is titled The Kid with a Dog. It tells the story of Corrine, an epileptic 11-year-old, and her therapy dog. The second episode is called Bravo, Zeus. 

Bravo Zeus is arguably the most heart-tugging episode from the Dogs series. It recounts the story of a Syrian refugee in Berlin named Ayham, and his canine friend, Zeus, whom he had to leave behind after fleeing his war-torn home, Damascus. This story lets viewers realize all of the atrocities of war and its most innocent of victims.

The third episode, called Ice on Water, is about an Italian fisherman and his loyal canine companion, Ice. It’s a drama that touches on complex issues ranging from climate change to generational, cultural upheavals. It’s a little heavy but nonetheless cute.

Other episodes in the series include Scissors Down, Territorio de Zeguates, and Second Chances. Each of these hour-long segments has something to offer viewers, whether self-professed dog lovers or not. Yes, Netflix’s Dogs is for everyone.

So next time you have a break from whatever it is that’s keeping you busy, go to Netflix, find Dogs, and chill.

Source: Dog With Blog



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