Dogs and mail carriers are mortal enemies. It’s something we always hear about from dog owners. However, there are cases when dogs do befriend the mailman. One such story is about Chuckie and Nestle who are best friends with a particular mailman.

Chuckie and Nestle are both Labradors. They are known to be intelligent dogs who are very friendly and protective of their family.


Chuckie always freaks out whenever he hears or sees the postal service’s vehicle parking in front of the house. He and Nestle get excited to see their favorite person, which is the mailman.

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And, being the spoiled dogs that they are, their mom, Amy, indulges them by opening the doors to greet the mailman.

The mailman loves giving the dogs affection and love as well. Aside from delivering the mail, he’s always ready with doggie treats for both Chuckie and Nestle.

The mailman and Chuckie even have their greeting. The mailman would ask “give me five” or “give me paw” where Chuckie would instantly slap the mailman’s hand with his paw, and the mailman would give him treats afterward.

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However, the mailman did get a different route. Chuckie was confused and looked sad when his mailman best friend didn’t deliver their mail one day. So, his mom called the post office and told them about the situation.

Her request came through and one day, Chuckie’s mailman best friend came to their home not to deliver mail, but to spend time with the dogs.

Now, this is a special delivery service that most of us can agree on.

Chuckie’s mailman best friend would still visit him and Nestle on occasion to spend time with them. He even gives them treats, and love and affection and always do their personalized greeting.

Here’s a video showing how enthusiastic Chuckie and Nestle is whenever their favorite person comes to visit to deliver the mail and give them treats and cuddles.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube



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