Dogs do more when they receive rewards, and that’s precisely what happened to George the Great Dane. BarkPost learned about what a good dog George has been, so they decided to reward him with “Dog’s Best Day”.

One step at a time

It all started when Bella, 11 years of age, was confined in a hospital. She was suffering from Morquio Syndrome, which affected her ability to move. The disorder caused Bella’s depression, so her mother looked for a service animal. To make this happen, Bella and her mother worked as volunteers at Service Dog Project, Inc. The time they spent at the shelter led them to George.

Stuck with each other


According to Megan Kokaras, a trainer at the shelter, Bella approached George one day. They then noticed that the Great Dane rested his head on her lap while looking at her with admiration. Bella also felt how precious that moment was for both of them. She realized that George needed her as much as she needed him.

Before meeting George, Bella could only walk with the help of crutches or a wheelchair. With the Great Dane around, Bella able to walk without any equipment. She felt a surge of excitement the first time it happened. It has been a long time since she could move on her own.

Bella is immensely grateful for George, who is always by her side. He works hard day in and day out to assist her. He also helped her regain her independence and confidence in herself.

The best day ever

“Dog’s Best Day” was the best reward George could ever receive. He toured Boston with Bella and her mom. He wolfed down burgers and played in the snow. The day was made even more memorable when they received gifts from BarkPost.

Watch the full video here:

Source: Youtube via Bark

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