The Alliance of American Football season has recently started last February 10, 2019. During Orlando Apollos’ game versus the Memphis Express last February 23rd, the whole crowd of the Spectrum Stadium went wild at halftime. The audience at the game were in for a special treat.

The performance during the halftime show of the game did not involve any dancing or singing; in fact, the star of the show wasn’t even human. Instead, the stunning halftime performance featured a dog – Eurie. He is a Greyhound and Pitbull mix. Together with other pups who will perform during the halftime, Eurie comes out to the field.


The best part of the halftime show is when Gary Duke, Eurie’s owner, tosses a Frisbee disc at a distance of 83 yards from the end zone. Eurie hurriedly sprints after the disc at first, slows down as the frisbee slowed down as well, he makes his leap and makes the perfect catch! After successfully grabbing the Frisbee disc with his mouth, Eurie runs back to his proud owner.

Eurie’s unbelievable stunt drew a loud roar and applause from the crowd. The duo is claimed to have broken an impressive all-time record for the longest Frisbee catch according to the announcer at the Spectrum Stadium. Gary Duke, owner, and trainer of Eurie proudly commends his pet for his efforts.

He tweeted, “Eurie did the hard work, and I just became a spectator like everybody else after I let it rip.” Eurie’s impressive skills were caught on cam and have been tweeted many times and had gone viral in under 48 hours, having more than a million views.

Duke is actually the head of the Central Florida Disc Dogs Club. Together with Eurie’s mom, Crystal McClaran, they train Eurie as part of the Halftime Dogs who perform in live sporting events, receiving the thunders of cheers and applause from their amazed audiences. Other than that, Eurie also competes in Disc Dog and Dock Dog events.

Video credit: @RealKentMurphy via Twitter

Thank you Fox News for sharing this story.



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