Leo, the pup, is one and a half years old. He has been living happily with his mom ever since he was a little puppy. Leo is energetic and fun to be with.

His mom, Summer Lee, says that her pup is a spontaneous dog and that he is very outgoing. Leo is also very friendly. He loves hanging out with every human and animal, except for chickens.


Since Leo is a big dog full of enthusiasm, his mom normally brings him to the groomer every time he needs washing. But recently, Summer was determined to bath her dog for the first time in a long time. She felt a little confident because of the good remarks of the groomer about Leo.

Leo’s groomer told Summer that the pup is calm and well behaved when taking baths. So she trusted those words and hoped that he would be as well behaved with her as he was with the groomer. But just like some people say, being familiar with someone brings out the real you.

Bath time for dalmation

Even before Summer started bathing Leo, she already had a hard time making the pup go in the bathtub. Leo refused to enter the tub and tried to stop his mom by placing his paws on her shoulders. It was as if he was convincing her that he didn’t need a bath.

Leo was just not having it. So his mom had to pick up her big pup, which is almost as large as she is, and place him in the bathtub. Leo didn’t want to sit at first, but he soon calmed down and let his mom do her thing. After the bath, as a prize, they played outside the house for a few minutes.

Though the bath was a success, Summer decided to leave bathing matters into the hands of Leo’s groomer. Summer joked on her Facebook page about Leo’s bath. She said that she has always paid a groomer to bath Leo until that day, so now she decided, with all her pride, that she will still most definitely pay a groomer to bath Leo.

i have always paid a groomer to give leo a bath, until today. i can say with pride that i will from now on, pay a groomer to give leo a bath 😂 but please enjoy this small clip of me trying to at least get him in the tub

Posted by Summer Lee on Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Credits to Summer Lee



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