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We have already established that humans and dogs could form an incredible friendship amid being different from each other. Despite this, it remains a mystery how these two completely different creatures could understand each other better.

While it is true that there are instances when dogs and humans do not understand each other, the use of non-verbal cues and expressions could address this problem. Dogs could be trained through non-verbal communication because they can profoundly comprehend it.


Most of the time, amid the challenges to keep up with each other’s shortcomings, dogs and humans still form friendship and fantastic love and trust for each other. As proof of this, a mailman and a pooch became friends despite their differences. Their friendship began when the mail carrier takes time to visit Gretchen the pooch daily.

A sweet German Shepherd, Gretchen receives treats from the man whenever the latter visits their house to deliver mails and other correspondences. Fernando Barboza made sure he did not miss any visit without leaving gifts for Gretchen.

This setup continued for too long, making the bond of the two even stronger. Because of old age, though, Gretchen died. The dog’s owner would later inform the mailman about what happened through a letter.

In the letter, owner Chris Cimino thanked Barboza for loving the dog. According to Cimino, the dog enjoyed every bit of their friendship, albeit the unusual setup.

In the letter, which is now making rounds on Twitter after it was uploaded, Cimino detailed how the dog would wait for Barboza every single day. Gretchen considers Barboza his closest friend, Cimino said in the letter.

Since Gretchen is already at the twilight of her years, there are days that she could not consume all the treats Barboza gives to her. Cimino, for his part, provides the leftover to those pooches who need it too.

Gretchen succumbed to a rare dog disease called neuropathic illness, according to Cimino. For Cimino, although Gretchen was already old, the pooch was still special for her.

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