One of the saddest things about being disabled is that the freedom that you used to have, the ability to move around and do what you want, will be a thing of the past – and the limbs that help you do things is now a hindrance.

But despite being paralyzed from the waist down to her legs, a Labrador and Pit Bull mix, Zoey, did not let her disability hold her back from living a great life.


Jackie Perdue, Zoey’s owner, shared how her dog went missing for around two long months. Two months later, they found her in a canyon, sometime around Christmas, with her back broken and waist down wholly paralyzed. Prior to her accident, she can play and run around like a regular dog.

Ever since the accident that left her immobile, Jackie decided to put Zoey in therapy and bought wheels that now serve as new legs to assist her in moving around.

Because it is pretty unusual to see a handicapped pooch, Jackie has set up a playdate in a beach at San Diego, California, with another dog that has the same condition as Zoey has, and its name is Scooty.

Jackie shared how excited she was for her handicapped pup to see another disabled dog in a wheelchair because Zoey has not seen one yet.

Setting foot on the beach, it was as if Zoey knew that beach means fun, and that is what the dog did exactly. The disabled dogs ran around, even forgetting that they are both disabled, and Zoey went to Scooty so they could have fun in the water together, while the other dogs who were also on the beach at that time interacted with them, sniffing what the device was on both handicapped dogs’ bodies, and went on to have some more fun.

Source: A Dog Blog



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