Dachshunds are known for their petite size. But despite being small, they also have daring personalities. Not only that, they seem to have big appetites too for they are always hungry. One cute dachshund that is known to have a big appetite is Crusoe.

Crusoe is always hungry. And if he can decide on his own, he will eat whenever he wants. But Crusoe’s parents teach him dinner manners by training him to eat at a specific time.


According to his parents, his dinner starts at 6 PM. But Crusoe always demands to eat earlier. So to make amends, they changed it to 5 PM. However, he is always hungry and won’t follow dinner time, even though they have adjusted it.

But one time, Crusoe’s parents had to be strict to the dinner time rule. No matter how cute he pleas, his mother denied him of dinner since it is only 4 PM, an hour early for the dinner time.

With Crusoe’s hungry belly, he had no choice but to take matters into his own paws. He cheated his way to dinner time by smartly changing the clock!

It was only 4 PM when Crusoe moved the hour hand of the clock to 5 PM. And when he saw his dad, he pleaded for food. But knowing that it is only 4 PM, his dad rejected him. But Crusoe showed him the clock that says 5 PM. His dad promptly gave him the dinner that he longed for.

What a slick little dog!

And Crusoe has been doing this since, and dinner time keep getting earlier and earlier each day. Noticing that something is wrong with their clock, Crusoe’s mom decided to have a new alarm clock.

Watch this video on how Crusoe trick his parents so he could eat at whatever time he wants:

Source: Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund via YouTube



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