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There is a misconception that bigger dogs are more rowdy, while smaller dogs are sweet. Sometimes the size of the dog is not indicative of what kind of attitude the pooch has. The dog’s environment likewise contributes to how a dog will react to people.

Last year, couple Wes and Virginia found a giant dog in a junkyard when they had their random trip. When the couple knew that the pooch was alone, they decided to take her with them. Wes and Virginia learned that the dog’s name is Teddy.


Teddy came from a hostile environment. As a result of the violent place she came from, the dog developed anxiety disorders. The dog would fear when people start going near her.

Teddy is a big dog comparable to a wolf. According to the couple, they are not sure what kind of breed Teddy is. What they know is that Teddy could be a mixed breed of Great Pyrenees and German Shepherd. The couple, however, does not care what the race of Teddy is. Their main concern is how to bring back the dog’s trust towards humans.

While it was difficult in the beginning to get Teddy’s trust, Wes and Virginia tried their best. It was a slow process, but the couple was sure about what they were doing. They want to change Teddy’s perception of humans.

As the days passed by, Teddy showed improvements with how she dealt with people, especially to Wes and Virginia. The couple did not stop there, and they tried even more.

Wes and Virginia were glad that Teddy became open to change. Unlike before, the dog already learned how to lay right beside their best. But what made the couple very happy is when the pooch learned how to snuggle back when they try to be extra sweet to the pooch. For the couple, the dog’s act was surreal.

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