Jamie Grabowski, a Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) bus driver, was nearing the end of her usual route around midnight when she spotted two dogs in the street. They were running around happily without a care in the world.

While it can be heartwarming to see two canines playing so cheerfully, Jamie was concerned that they might get hit by a passing vehicle. Besides, temperatures were freezing that night, and the pooches might not survive the cold.


Thus, she postponed her trip back to the garage and pulled over. The two dogs — a pit bull and a Doberman pinscher — seemed excited to see the bus and ambled over curiously.

Jamie opened her window and called out to the pooches, telling them they needed to go home. Afterward, the bus driver alighted and got the canines to get on the vehicle.

Luckily, they were friendly and trusting, so they didn’t hesitate to go with Jamie. As they sniffed about, the bus driver called dispatchers to inform them of the lost animals who needed help.

As Jamie waited for authorities, she sat with the pit bull and the Doberman and played with them. The sweet pooches loved the attention and bonded with their rescuer.

Soon, a police officer arrived to bring the canines to the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission. After the veterinarian declared them to be completely healthy and well, the search for their owners started.

Thankfully, they didn’t have to look too hard because Stephanie Gomez, the dogs’ fur mom, had been searching all night for the two. As it turns out, the canines lived nearly three miles away from where Jamie happened upon them.

The silly dogs managed to escape their yard and went exploring, much to Stephanie’s dismay. It seemed that they had their fill of adventure for the night, though, as the canines were ecstatic when they saw their fur mom.

Stephanie is extremely grateful to Jamie for taking the time to rescue her beloved pooches. Watch Jamie looking out for the pit bull and the Doberman in the video below:

Source: RideMCTS on YouTube and RideMCTS on Twitter



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