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Ever since he was a child, Leo Downs had a cute dog companion named Mellow. Mellow, a bulldog, became Leo’s best friend. They did a lot of things together, like playing, eating, sleeping, and cuddling.

The two became inseparable, just like real brothers. According to Leo’s parents, one of the things the two enjoyed doing is playing in the grass. Afterwards, they would eat their meals together.


This routine from the two would continue for quite a while. Leo’s parents also shared that Mellow has been with the family when he was still a puppy.

For 13 long years, the dog became part of the Downs’ family, and more importantly, became a companion for Leo. It is, however, unfortunate the dogs do not have unlimited lives. Just like humans, pooches have their expiration date.

Mellow, of course, is not excused from this ordeal. The dog died after living a good 14 years of existence with the Downs’ family. This left all of them devastated, especially Leo, who had a strong bond with the pooch.

Because of the void left by Mellow, Leo’s parents decided not to adopt another dog. Leo felt upset because of this decision. Now 6, the young kid always asks his parents for a dog.

Though he is aware that no other dog will fill the void left by Mellow, the boy is ready to move forward with his life. This includes having a new life with another pooch. All his requests to his parents fell in deaf ears.

The boy, though, was shocked when one day his parents brought him a new dog. It was a surreal moment for Leo as he has a new pooch to spend his life anew.

According to Katie, Leo’s mom, all of this was planned. They never really want to disappoint Leo because their decision not to get a new dog. That is why they kept it a secret to surprise their son.

When they found the perfect dog, a look-alike of Mellow during his younger years, Leo’s parents filed the needed documents to adopt the pooch. Named Nutty Buddy, the dog was a rescued pooch from St. Louis Dog Shelter. Watch the meeting of the two below.

This family came in with donations after their family dog passed away. What they didn't tell their son was they also adopted a puppy and surprised him. Grab the kleenex! ❤️🥰😭

Posted by Stray Rescue of St. Louis on Sunday, February 3, 2019

Credits to Stray Rescue of St. Louis.



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