As kids, we used to play pretend games to foster our imagination. We imagine ourselves doing what we dream of becoming one day and put all that imagination into creative play.

And, it looks like our family isn’t the only support persons that we have as our canine pals also want us to achieve our dreams. Thus, an adorable dog willingly plays the role of a patient for her human sister to successfully assume the role of a doctor.

How’s she doing, doc?


In this adorable video clip, a fluffy brown-furred dog lies on a couch. At first glance, you’ll probably think the dog’s taking its afternoon nap.

However, as the video progresses, the dog’s sister enters the area with a toy in her hand. And, it looks like it isn’t an ordinary toy as it resembles a medical instrument typically used by personnel to check on a patient.

Without further ado, the little girl places the instrument on the dog’s chest to see how the dog’s faring. Mom, who watches nearby, asks the girl about the dog’s condition. After the initial check, the girl tells Mom that everything’s okay with their dog.

What’s our next step, doc?

As the video continues, the little girl carries on with her pretend play. Mom then asks the girl what she’s about to do next, and even gives a few pointers on what the dog needs at that time.

After the girl gave the dog something to eat, she proceeded to check the dog’s vitals as Mom instructed her. Seeing this, Mom asks the gal if the dog’s getting better.

What do you think is the little girl’s prognosis of the dog’s condition? If you can’t wait to find out, click on the play button in the video link below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube



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