Two animal rescue organizations, Rescue from the Hart and Hope for Paws, teamed up one day to save homeless dogs from an impoverished life. One of their rescues was an abandoned poodle whom they decided to call Layla.

Annie Hart, the founder of Rescue from the Hart, received a message regarding the poodle, who witnesses say had been hit by a car in South Los Angeles.


She drove to the location together with Hope for Paws founder Eldad Hagar, and her heart broke at what she saw. Layla was sitting alone on a busy sidewalk, with many people walking by but not a single one stopping for her.

Annie carefully approached Layla to let the poodle see that she and Eldad meant no harm. She gently stroked the canine’s back before putting a colorful leash around her neck. Layla was wary, but she accepted Annie’s touch all the same.

Image credit: Rescue from the Hart on Facebook

Soon, the poodle let Annie carry her in her arms—and then something touching happened.

The little dog gave the rescuer the sweetest, most heartfelt kisses to show how happy she was that someone finally noticed her. This simple but meaningful gesture moved Annie to tears.

When Annie and Eldad brought Layla to the hospital, they discovered that the worst was yet to come. The poodle had damaged intestines as well as an enlarged kidney. Both necessitated immediate treatment, and Layla spent two weeks in the hospital.

Thankfully, the poodle’s surgery was successful, and doctors did not have to remove the swollen kidney. In fact, the first thing Layla did when she got home was pee on the carpet—an annoying incident under normal circumstances, but extremely welcome this time!

Layla’s foster parents Bray and Paul had a critical role in her recovery. They visited her every day to show her that two people who loved her were rooting for her to get well.

After a few months, the mischievous and playful Layla found a loving home where she gets to enjoy being a puppy again with her fur mom’s other rescue dogs.

Watch Layla give Annie heartwarming smooches in the video below:

Source: Rescue from the Hart on YouTube



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