A spoiled pit bull named Chief would always interrupt his parents whenever they hug or kiss. He would always think that it’s a group thing. His parents don’t mind, though as they love Chief dearly.

Before Chief became part of this perfect family, he was homeless and was wandering the streets. The shelter that took him in found him on Christmas day out in the cold. His living conditions resulted in him developing pneumonia.


He was treated for it and other health conditions. Dan always wanted to get a dog, but Karina was hesitant. The two made a compromise, so they decided on fostering instead. That’s when they saw Chief and knew that he was the one they wanted to foster.

At first, Chief found everything to be so new that he would cry every night. And every night, Dan would lie down with him so he can be relaxed. This is how loved Chief is.

After a few weeks of having Chief as a foster, Dan knew he did not want to give him back, neither did Karina. So Dan went to the shelter and filled out the adoption application paper. When he went out of the shelter, that’s when someone came in and informed him that she was there to adopt Chief.

Dan and Karina adopted him just in the nick of time. A minute later, and he would have belonged to another family. Chief is now with the family that enjoys spoiling him. He talks back to them like a human until he gets what he wants.

His parents adore him and could not imagine their lives without Chief. Chief even made a name for himself as most people that they meet would know him by name. Chief is living the good life and is enjoying each moment of it.

Source The Dodo via YouTube



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