One awesome dog and his owner did not let a diagnosis of terminal illness stop them from spending the best years of their lives by crossing off items on their adventure bucket list.

Thomas Neil Rodriguez, who’s based in New York, adopted Poh from the North Shore Animal League in December 1999. Rodriguez, who works as a DJ, often travels himself, and he had always wanted to bring Poh along with him on his trips.


But it wasn’t until early 2015 when veterinarians diagnosed the dog with health problems—including two inoperable tumors in his abdomen—that Rodriguez finally did it.

The fur dad knew Poh didn’t have much longer to live, so he decided to take the dog on the most epic adventure of his long life.

Image credit: pohthedogsbigadventure on Instagram

At first, he only wanted Poh to visit the Pacific Ocean for a swim, but Rodriguez, his then-fiancée Yuko, and their doggo ended up on a year-long journey across North America, visiting 35 cities and nearly all of the US states.

The couple got Poh a little buggy to push him around in whenever he got tired, but Rodriguez says their travels did the dog a lot of good. Poh was walking with a spring in his step as if he were “five years younger”.

Poh strolled along the Hollywood Walk of Fame, posed in front of the Washington monument, swam at a dog park in Austin, and had tons of fun at Disney World.

The doggo was also able to celebrate another birthday and spend one more Christmas and New Year with Rodriguez and Yuko. He was even with them at their wedding.

Image credit: pohthedogsbigadventure on Instagram

Around a year after Poh’s diagnosis, however, he passed away. He was with his fur mom and dad.

Rodriguez says he’s blessed to have been able to spend a year of happy travels with Poh, whom they thought had only weeks to live. He surmises that Poh’s story “resonated with a lot of dog owners” who find themselves wishing they could spend more time with their pets.

Many thanks to ABC News and Daily Mail for sharing this inspirational story.



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